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Portland Thorns Bag Policy: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re planning to attend a Portland Thorns game, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the team’s bag policy. Understanding the regulations will help ensure a smooth entry into the stadium and enhance your overall experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of the Portland Thorns bag policy, covering everything from the types of bags allowed to the specific dimensions and restrictions. Let’s dive in and get you ready for game day!

Clear Bags: The Preferred Choice

When attending a Portland Thorns game, clear bags are the preferred choice for fans. Not only do they facilitate the security screening process, but they also allow for easy visual inspection of the bag’s contents. This policy ensures a safer and more efficient entry for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about clear bags:

Size Specifications

Clear bags must adhere to specific size specifications to comply with the Portland Thorns bag policy. The dimensions typically allowed are 12″ x 12″ x 6″ or smaller. This size restriction ensures that bags are compact enough to fit under seats or in designated storage areas while providing ample space for personal belongings.

Benefits of Clear Bags

Choosing a clear bag offers several advantages when attending a Portland Thorns game. Firstly, it allows for quick and easy visual inspection by security personnel, expediting the entry process. Additionally, clear bags eliminate the need for fans to empty their bags or undergo time-consuming searches, making the overall experience more convenient for everyone involved.

Where to Find Clear Bags

If you don’t already own a clear bag, don’t worry! Many retailers offer transparent bags that meet the Portland Thorns’ requirements. You can find clear bags at sporting goods stores, online retailers, or even at the stadium on game day. Make sure to purchase a bag that meets the specified size dimensions to ensure compliance with the policy.

Non-Clear Bags: What’s Permitted

While clear bags are preferred, the Portland Thorns do understand that fans may have personal preferences or unique circumstances that require the use of non-clear bags. Here’s what you need to know about non-clear bags:

Types of Non-Clear Bags Allowed

The Portland Thorns permit fans to carry certain non-clear bags into the stadium. These include small purses, clutches, or wallets that do not exceed the size limitations set by the bag policy. While non-clear bags are allowed, it’s important to note that they may be subject to additional security checks, which could result in slightly longer entry times.

Size Limitations for Non-Clear Bags

Non-clear bags must adhere to specific size limitations to be permitted into the stadium. Typically, these bags must be no larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″ or smaller. It’s crucial to ensure your non-clear bag complies with these dimensions to avoid any issues during the security screening process.

Exceptions for Medical and Parenting Needs

The Portland Thorns understand that some fans may require special accommodations due to medical or parenting needs. In such cases, exceptions to the bag policy are made to ensure the comfort and convenience of all attendees. Fans with medical equipment or those who need to carry necessary items for their children should contact the stadium in advance to inquire about the specific guidelines and arrangements.

Prohibited Bags and Items

To maintain safety and security within the stadium, the Portland Thorns have a strict list of prohibited bags and items. It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with these restrictions to avoid any inconvenience or delays during the entry process:

Types of Bags Prohibited

The Portland Thorns strictly prohibit certain types of bags from being brought into the stadium. These include backpacks, duffel bags, large purses, camera bags, diaper bags (unless for medical or parenting needs), and any bag that exceeds the specified size limitations. Prohibited bags are not allowed under any circumstances and will be turned away at the entrance.

Restricted Items

In addition to specific bag restrictions, the Portland Thorns also have guidelines regarding prohibited items. These include but are not limited to weapons, explosives, flammable substances, laser pointers, and illegal drugs. Fans found in possession of these items will be denied entry into the stadium and may face further consequences.

Alternative Options for Prohibited Bags

If you arrive at the stadium with a bag that does not comply with the Portland Thorns bag policy, there are alternative options available. The team offers bag check facilities where you can securely store your prohibited bag during the game. Additionally, some stadiums may provide lockers or designated areas for bag storage. Be sure to check with the stadium personnel for further instructions.

Tips for Streamlining Entry

To ensure a smooth and efficient entry process at a Portland Thorns game, here are some helpful tips to consider:

Arrive Early

Arriving early at the stadium allows ample time for security checks and ensures you won’t miss any pre-game activities or the kick-off. Early arrival also minimizes the chances of encountering long queues and provides a stress-free experience.

Organize Your Belongings

Prior to heading to the stadium, take a moment to organize your belongings. Place your necessary items in a clear bag or ensure your non-clear bag meets the specified size limitations. This preparation will help expedite the security screening process and make it easier for the staff to inspect your items.

Review the Bag Policy

Before attending a Portland Thorns game, it’s essential to review the bag policy to ensure compliance. Double-check the dimensions allowed for clear and non-clear bags, familiarize yourself with the prohibited items, and be aware of any exceptions or special accommodations that may apply to you.

Travel Light

Consider packing only the essential items you’ll need during the game. Traveling light not only reduces the time spent at security checkpoints but also allows for more comfortable seating arrangements and ease of movement within the stadium.

Season Ticket Holder Benefits

As a season ticket holder for the Portland Thorns, you may enjoy certain benefits or exemptions regarding the bag policy. Here’s what you need to know:

Exclusive Entry Points

Season ticket holders often have access to exclusive entry points, which may have shorter lines and faster security checks. These dedicated entrances prioritize and reward loyal fans, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry process.

Bag Policy Exemptions

Depending on the specific terms and conditions of your season ticket package, you may be exempt from certain aspects of the bag policy. Some season ticket holders might be permitted to bring larger bags or have additional options for bag storage. It’s recommended to review your ticket holder benefits to understand any exemptions that apply to you.

Bag Policy at Away Games

If you’re planning to support the Portland Thorns at an away game, it’s important to note that bag policies may vary from stadium to stadium. Here are some key points to consider:

Research the Visiting Stadium’s Policy

Prior to attending an away game, take the time to research and familiarize yourself with the bag policy of the visiting team’s stadium. Many stadiums have similar guidelines to the Portland Thorns, but some variations may exist. Knowing the specifics of the bag policy at the away venue will help you plan accordingly and avoid any surprises.

Consider Traveling with a Clear Bag

While it’s always best to check the specific bag policy for the away game, traveling with a clear bag is generally a safe and reliable choice. Clear bags are widely accepted across stadiums and simplify the security screening process, regardless of the venue’s specific regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions fans have about the Portland Thorns bag policy:

Can I bring a small camera bag to the game?

No, camera bags are prohibited under the Portland Thorns bag policy. Only clear bags or small non-clear bags within the specified size limitations are allowed.

Are diaper bags allowed for parents attending the game?

Diaper bags are generally prohibited under the bag policy; however, exceptions are made for parents with infants or young children. Make sure to contact the stadium in advance to inquire about the specific guidelines and arrangements for parenting needs.

Can I bring a backpack with my medical supplies?

Backpacks are not permitted under the bag policy, but exceptions are made for fans with medical needs. It’s crucial to contact the stadium in advance to discuss and arrange for the specific guidelines regarding medical supplies and necessary equipment.

Do I need to empty my clear bag during the security check?

Typically, you won’t need to empty the contents of your clear bag during the security check. However, security personnel may ask you to open your bag for visual inspection.

Contact Information

If you still have questions or require further clarification regarding the Portland Thorns bag policy, here is the contact information you need:

Phone Number: XXX-XXX-XXXXEmail: [email protected]

Feel free to reach out to the Portland Thorns directly with any specific inquiries or concerns you may have. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to assist you.


Attending a Portland Thorns game is an exciting experience, and being familiar with the team’s bag policy is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable time at the stadium. Whether you opt for a clear bag or a non-clear bag within the specified size limitations, it’s essential to comply with the policy to ensure efficient security checks and entry into the venue.

Remember to review the bag policy before each game, as it may be subject to updates or changes. Arriving early, organizing your belongings, and packing light will help streamline the entry process and minimize any potential delays. Season ticket holders should also take advantage of their benefits and exemptions offered by the team.

If you’re attending an away game, take the time to research the bag policy of the visiting stadium to ensure compliance and a hassle-free experience. Clear bags are generally a safe choice, but understanding any specific variations in the away venue’s regulations is essential.

By adhering to the Portland Thorns bag policy and following the guidelines outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can focus on cheering for your favorite team and creating lasting memories at their exciting matches. Enjoy the game and show your support for the Portland Thorns!

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