Uncovering Draymond Green’s Impressive Tattoo Collection

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Uncovering Draymond Green's Impressive Tattoo Collection

Draymond Green, the power forward for the Golden State Warriors, is known for his tenacity on the basketball court. But off the court, he’s also known for his extensive tattoo collection.

If you’re a fan of Draymond Green or just love tattoos in general, you may be wondering what his ink means and how much pain he endured to have them. The pain of getting a tattoo varies from person to person, but it’s safe to assume that Green had to overcome some discomfort to get his extensive collection.So why did Draymond Green decide to get all these tattoos? Like many people who get inked up, each tattoo has a specific meaning for Green. Some tattoos were inspired by his family, while others represent his personal beliefs and values. For example, one of his tattoos features the phrase TMC which stands for The Marathon Continues, a nod to West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was gunned down in 2019. In summary, Draymond Green’s tattoos are not just for show- they have deep meaning behind them. Whether it’s to honor his family or pay tribute to someone who inspired him, Green’s ink reveals a lot about who he is as a person both on and off the court. So the next time you see him playing, take a moment to appreciate the art on his skin and the significance it holds.

Draymond Green Tattoos
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Draymond Green, a professional basketball player, is quite famous for his tattoos. His love for tattoos inspired him to ink up his body with various designs, each with a unique meaning. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into Draymond Green Tattoos and explore the stories behind them.

The 804 Tattoo

Draymond Green’s first tattoo is 804, which is the area code of his hometown – Saginaw, Michigan. The NBA star describes Saginaw as a tough place, and he carries its memories close to his heart. The 804 tattoo represents his grit and determination to succeed despite adversities.

I visited Saginaw, and it’s a unique place with a rich history. The people are welcoming and friendly, but you can feel the economic challenges it faces. Draymond’s 804 tattoo reflects the city’s spirit and captures the essence of Saginaw.

Draymond Green 804 Tattoo Image

The Mary Babers Tattoo

Draymond Green’s mother has been a significant influence on his life, and he shows his gratitude with a tattoo of her name. The Mary Babers tattoo is prominently inked on his left forearm, and it symbolizes his love and respect for his mother.

I admire Draymond’s love for his mother. It’s always good to see athletes who respect their parents and acknowledge their role in their success. The Mary Babers tattoo is a great reminder to appreciate family values.

Draymond Green Mary Babers Tattoo Image

The Motown Tattoo

Despite playing for Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green has dedicated a tattoo to his hometown’s music genre, Detroit Motown. The Motown tattoo is on his right shoulder and symbolizes his attachment to Detriot.

Growing up in Saginaw with exposure to the Motown sound makes me appreciate Draymond’s love for it. It speaks volumes of his roots and his love for music.

Draymond Green Motown Tattoo Image

The Oracle Arena Tattoo

The Oracle Arena was home to the Golden State Warriors, and Draymond Green had it inked on his left forearm. The tattoo showcases his respect for the fans, teammates and everyone who made the arena an amazing place.

I have attended a few games at Oracle Arena and felt the energy there. It’s beautiful to see players acknowledge the fans and show their appreciation. Draymond’s Oracle Arena tattoo is a testament to it.

Draymond Green Oracle Tattoo Image

The W Tattoo

Draymond Green, along with his Michigan State Spartans teammates, were known for flashing the W sign. It represented their commitment to win as a team. Draymond loved the idea so much that he got it tattooed on his right bicep.

Being a basketball fan, I understand the team dynamics and how crucial it is to work together to win. Draymond’s W tattoo is a reminder that it takes teamwork to achieve greatness.

Draymond Green WSU Tattoo Image

The 15 Tattoo

Draymond Green, the 35th draft pick in the 2012 NBA draft, wears 15 on his jersey. The 15 tattoo on his left bicep represents his journey from a struggling basketball player to a three-time NBA champion.

It takes hard work and dedication to become a professional athlete, and Draymond’s 15 tattoo is evidence of that. It’s motivating to see athletes ink their tattoos with a deeper purpose.

Draymond Green 15 Tattoo Image

The D Tattoo

The D tattoo on Draymond Green’s right wrist is a tribute to his former Michigan State coach, Tom Izzo. Izzo was instrumental in shaping Draymond’s career and helped him develop into an exceptional player.

Izzo is known for his coaching philosophy, and it’s inspiring to see players pay homage to their coaches. Draymond’s D tattoo shows the impact of great coaching.

Draymond Green D Tattoo Image

The Protect Your Energy Tattoo

Draymond Green has another tattoo on his right shoulder that reads, Protect Your Energy. The tattoo serves as a reminder to always stay focused on positivity, even in tough situations.

Protecting your energy is vital, and Draymond’s tattoo is a constant reminder of that. It’s an excellent message to stay positive and focused, even when things get challenging.

Draymond Green Protect Your Energy Tattoo Image

The Power Up Tattoo

Draymond Green has inked himself with the phrase Power Up. On his right calf, the tattoo represents his mentality to keep pushing towards success.

I like Draymond’s Power Up tattoo because it shows his dedication to improving himself, both on and off the court. The power-up tattoo is a great way to stay motivated towards a goal.

Draymond Green Power Up Tattoo Image

The Heart Tattoo

Draymond Green has a heart tattoo on his left hand’s web, and it signifies his compassionate nature towards others. It’s a subtle reminder for Draymond to always lead with love and kindness.

Being a professional athlete, criticism and scrutiny can often lead to negative outcomes, but Draymond’s heart tattoo shows his willingness to rise above it. The heart tattoo speaks volumes about leadership qualities.

Draymond Green Heart Tattoo Image


In conclusion, Draymond Green Tattoos represent a personal journey and a belief system he holds dearly. From love for his hometown to an appreciation for music, Draymond’s tattoos showcase his personality and his values. Draymond’s tattoos remind us that behind the athlete is a human being with a story that deserves attention.

Uncovering Draymond Green’s Impressive Tattoo Collection

Draymond Green Tattoos: An Overview

Draymond Green is a highly recognized basketball player in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors have been his team since 2012 when he was drafted as a second-round pick. One of the things that make Green stand out is his tattoos. He has several tattoos all over his body that hold significant meanings for him.One of his most prominent tattoos is on his chest, reading Heart of a Lion. This tattoo symbolizes his strength and determination both on and off the court. Another essential tattoo is the one on his left shoulder, which says, The Black Ferrari. It echoes his love for cars and his love for his father, who passed away from cancer in 2019.

Draymond Green Tattoos

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Draymond Green Tattoos: A Personal Perspective

As a Golden State Warriors fan, I find Draymond Green’s tattoos inspiring. I believe that tattoos are a form of self-expression, and each symbol holds a personal meaning for the wearer. In Green’s case, these tattoos symbolize his love for his family, his passion for basketball, and his determination to succeed in his career.I think that the way Green incorporates his tattoos into his wardrobe and basketball gear is also interesting. His tattoos become another aspect of his overall look and persona, adding to his image as a fierce competitor on the court. Overall, Draymond Green’s tattoos are not just a form of body art; they are an extension of his identity, telling his unique story and personal journey. In conclusion, Draymond Green is an NBA player with a vast collection of tattoos that represent his beliefs, values, and experiences. These tattoos are not just decorative pieces but hold significant meanings that tell his story. Fans of the athlete admire him for his talent, sportsmanship, and self-expression, which includes his tattoos.

Draymond Green, a professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors, is known for his impressive tattoos. Let’s delve into some common questions about Draymond Green Tattoos.

Question and Answer

Q: How many tattoos does Draymond Green have?

A: Draymond Green has over 20 tattoos on his body, including a full sleeve on his left arm.

Q: What is the meaning behind Draymond Green’s tattoos?

A: Many of Draymond Green’s tattoos are dedicated to his family, including portraits of his mother, father, and son. He also has tattoos representing his hometown of Saginaw, Michigan and his college alma mater, Michigan State University.

Q: Does Draymond Green have any controversial tattoos?

A: In 2019, it was reported that Draymond Green had a tattoo of Arthur, a popular cartoon character who is often associated with the LGBTQ+ community. Some people found the tattoo to be offensive and homophobic, but Green has never publicly commented on the controversy.

Q: Has Draymond Green ever gotten a tattoo to commemorate a championship win?

A: Yes, after the Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship in 2018, Draymond Green got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien Trophy on his right calf.

Conclusion of Draymond Green Tattoos

Draymond Green’s tattoos are not only visually stunning, but they also hold significant meaning for the basketball player. From honoring his family to commemorating championship wins, each tattoo represents a unique aspect of Green’s life. Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Draymond Green’s tattoos are an essential part of his personal brand.